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The term "scrandad" refers to an experienced eater who likes to munch on other people's food, as well as not wanting to do anything else except get some scran(food).
Red: Steven stop eating my fucking chips!!
Steven: I can't help it I'm a scrandad.

Red: There's some stollen if you want it Christy and Laura.
Laura & Christy: What's stollen?
Red: Oh it's just like a marzipan cake.
Steven: (appears out of nowhere) I like marzipan!!
All Together: Steven!!...You scrandad
(All laugh)


Alex: Can i park my bike in your shed.
Leon: You did it just a minute ago.
Alex: What can I say I'm a scrandad
by Skibidy Beebop-Pop February 18, 2008
Redvern is something uber-cool, named after one of the great philosophers of our time Redvern Guillermo - Culverwell. He was of Philippine origin, although he was called the "great china man" from time to time. Redvern is even used as a saying.
Did you see that then? I just did a redvern (something cool and fantastic)
by Skibidy Beebop-Pop February 15, 2008
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