3 definitions by Skatastic Jay

A word used by people who listen to Ska. One of the greatest compliments you can give. Can also be used as an adjective meaning "amazingly kool in the ska world" See also: Skalicious
1. Dude, that show was skatastic

2. That is one skatastic skanker

3. Streetlight Manifesto is a skatastic band
by Skatastic Jay April 01, 2005
A term expressing how amazingly ska something is. Used as a more extreme form of Skatastic. A person who is Skalicious is most likely cooler than anyone you know.
That outfit is SKALICIOUS!
by Skatastic Jay March 29, 2005
Godly word combing "Yo" and "Hola". A good word to use if you can't decide how to greet somebody.
Yola! How ya doin, chief?
by Skatastic Jay April 03, 2005

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