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Experiencing completely being loved and in love. When every single day is romantic and sweet and special.
Must be the luckiest girl alive. I have hit the love lottery.
by Sisco Kid December 17, 2010
Spending an inordinate amount of money to see your own words printed on an inanimate object.
Buying a mug for $25 with the word you defined emblazoned on it is insanivanity.
by Sisco Kid December 11, 2009
The kind of nose you get after walking outside in the cold. It starts running as soon as you get into warm air.
Co-worker: Are you getting sick?
Walker: Nah, I just have winter nose.
by Sisco Kid December 11, 2008
When you are only able to exhibit your gay behavior while on a sail boat. Phrase coined on New Adventures of Old Christine.
My chiropractor can't be gay on dry land. Because of people like you he has to be sail boat gay!
by Sisco Kid December 11, 2008
A white person taking on elements of the African-American culture, usually without realizing the origins of the phrase or act.
Whitey McWhiten talking about keeping things on the DL not knowing what connotations DL has in the African-American culture.
by Sisco Kid August 21, 2008
To rock. Be awesome.
Being locked in a wine and cheese cellar would rule my face!
by Sisco Kid June 26, 2008
The courage people have to write angry, hateful comments on Internet news stories.
Person 1: The comments on this story are so mean.
Person 2: Yep, kilobyte courage in action.
by Sisco Kid April 16, 2010

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