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Kewlmanne is wrong wrong wrong. Pawlenty is the worst governor in minnesota state history. He screws over every single department, cuts the shit out of educaiton (but kewlmanne probably goes to SPA or some other private school so he wont care), all in the name of "no new taxes". Not only that, but the entire government shut down for two weeks because the legislature was bickering over what to do over his shitty budget plan. Shut down pawlenty instead.
"we get paw-len-ty of shitty crap from pawlenty being governor. since when were we a republican state anyway?"
by Sirwootalot AKA Woodman July 20, 2005
A state of being physically content and relaxed, plush, soft. The word originated as an accidental portmanteau of "Comfy" and "Comfortable".
"Mmmm, this comfty."

"Her {booty] comfty when we spoon."

"bruh, what was that shit on the Disney Channel called? Big Comfty Couch? Yeah, that's it."
#comfortable #comfy #nice #soft #squishy #plush #relaxing #soothing
by Sirwootalot AKA Woodman March 27, 2015
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