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When someone or something is so uncontrollably savage or quote/un-quote "sav", that it can only be described fairly as being "sav as hell". More often than not used by those that consider themselves "sav" enough to bestow upon others the honor of being "sav as hell".
Eric P., the original "sav as hell", we thank you...
#sav #savage #hell #as #tags
by Sir Vincenzo December 17, 2007
A phrase that is meant to request action from someone. Whether it be for said person to go get something or do the speaker a "solid" of some sort. It is often misunderstood completely by the speaker's intended target, resulting in an unfullfilled request and an overwhelming sense of "wow that guy/girl is a little bitch". The object of the phrase, "ball", can be interchanged with any desired noun that the speaker would like to be given to them.
Eric: Yo, ball me outrageous with some stump dat.
Vinny: Ight man, imma stump you outrageous


Vinny: Alright this pizza's done except it needs meatball. Rob, ball me outrageous.
Rob: What?
Vinny: damnit!
#anchor inn #vc 2 #suck one #balls #ass! #dickin' it #six foot tall swell monster
by Sir Vincenzo February 23, 2009
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