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Whaddupdoe- interj. v. (whad-up-dough) is a colloquial greeting for "what's up though?", "hello", "what's up?" "Peace!", "hey!".

Through relaxed speech methods, this terminology originated in the streets of Detroit circa late 70's, early 80's.

Whaddupdoe can also be used in both exclamatory and interrogative forms.

Let's create a scenario...
Person A- Whaddupdoe Cuzzo?!? (another formal Detroit greeting).

Person B and replies back by saying "Whaddupdoe?"
(sk-whoa) An interrogative colloquial terminology that originated in the streets of Detroit during the early eighties (80'-83') that answers a question with a question demanding confirmation to the respondents disbelief.

Sqwoe is another way of saying "foreal?", "are you serious?", "really?""cmon" "I don't believe it!".

This terminology is the short term for "square business?" which was shortened to "square biz?" to just saying "square?". Implementation of Detroit influence caused the word to narrow down to it's simplest form "sqwoe" as used in present day jargon.

Let's use it in a scenario.
Person A: Dawg, I'm about to go get some brew's!
Person B: Sqwoe? We doin' a 6 or a 12?
Person A: SHIIIT! We doin' a 12!

Person A: I'm bout to hit this jazz concert at Chene Park next week!
Person B: SQWOE??? Who all is gonna be there?
Person A: EVERYBODY who is ANYBODY in jazz!
by Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk I October 18, 2010
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