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3 definitions by Sir Sizzle

Someone who is fat but has a mental disorder and/or for some odd reason thinks they are sexy, juicy, or good looking but really is a big blob of natural uglyness
Dude Janet is such a blobage, She gulfed down that twinky!
by Sir Sizzle August 17, 2007
6 1
NOUN: A message sent via text message, email, IM, blog, paper note, or telegram that strikes fear into one's heart or makes them want to wet their pants.
Joe: Dude, steve sent me a text message he said he was going to steal my pudding at lunch
Jim: Man thats scary...
Joe: I know it was a total terragram...
by Sir Sizzle August 20, 2007
4 2
To wet or cum your pants from excite because you found out your word was accepted by the editors on urbandictionary.
I almost urbandictioniumed when i found out that they accepted my word "blobage!"
by Sir Sizzle August 24, 2007
2 2