2 definitions by Sir SPAM DeAArdvarkian III

The scientific study of the behavior of Mark Wahlberg over time.
Markwahlbergolgy as it appears in the field.

An example of Mark Wahlberg talking to an animal.

Hey I'm Mark Wahlberg, your a donkey. What's up with that. Say hello to your mother for me

by Sir SPAM DeAArdvarkian III March 20, 2009
The scientific study of SPAM over time.

Originally developed in the mid 17th century by SPAMtoligst Sir Spam DeAArdvarkian, SPAMolgy is the branch of science directly concerned with SPAM and it's effects on human and primate culture.
After an incentive 84 month study, the Committee for the Further Development and Education of SPAM (CftFDEoS)announced today that the 2009 Spambell prize would go to Mark Walhberg for talking to animals.

According to the February 2009 edition of SPAM Monthly. 'Mark has paved the way for a new era in SPAMolgy'
by Sir SPAM DeAArdvarkian III March 20, 2009

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