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A particular game, in any sport, in which there is a unusually large amount of injuries or physical play. It is derived from a Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins in which more than 10 Redskin players were injured by Eagle players. One of the Eagles defensive players taunted the Redskins players "do you guys need any more body bags?".
Last night's game was an absolute body bag game. There were injuries everywhere
by Sir Poop A Lot June 27, 2013
The idea that, if someone who has been particularly negatively affected by an experience that he/she went through in their past life, then that person will continue to hold such grudges and anger, and affect other people around them, continuing a never-ending cycle of hate and anger on other people.
Hurt people hurt people, indeed.
by Sir Poop A Lot July 30, 2013
Nickname for the state of Pennsylvania. The nickname is derived due to the perception of it being an excessively rural, hickish, conservative area.
John is heading up to Hicksylvania for this summer to see his cousins.
by Sir Poop A Lot June 22, 2013

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