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shanty law firms where the yearly salary is less than the yearly bonus enjoyed by biglaw associates. often not offering health insurance or meaningful experience, toilet law firms have high turnover and low morale.
jdjive had a great blacklist of toilet law firms in manhattan, but the partners of some of the named toilet law firms thugged themselves out and threatened to break some kneecaps. of course, they could have opted to file a lawsuit, but since they are toilet law, anyone could have caught their bluff, because they would have lost if they tried. going tony soprano was simpler.
by Sir Humps a Lot January 23, 2007
The chocolate factory (as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) of the law profession, where desperate attorneys work for a pittance, like Oompa Loompas working for cacao beans. Except in Insurance Defense, the attorneys don't smile and sing happy songs.
I went to a ttt, and now I do insurance defense. In a sad and cruel twist of fate, I can't even afford the insurance rates of my own clients, so my teeth are rotting away, and the pinched nerve in my groin is making me incontinent.
by Sir Humps a Lot February 05, 2007

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