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A name given to a personal lifestyle choice in order to make it sound 'cool'. The lifestyle consists of the respectful choices to not do drugs, have casual sex, or drink alcohol. Basically these people choose to respect their own body in every way. Some people that follow this lifestyle may put X's on there hands and a bandana over their nose and mouth in order to try and further make this lifestyle look 'cool'. For some that follow this lifestyle they may think it makes them better then everyone else and will go around letting everyone know they are 'straight edge', what these people don't realize is no one gives a shit. Others who follow this type of lifestyle will only let people know at appropriate times. These people are the respectful ones, but they still sound stupid calling themselves straight edge.
Guy 1: Dude do you want to smoke some, have a drink or find some girls to fuck?

Guy 2: No man I am straight edge.

Guy 1: Oh... alright dude that's fine, that's actually respectful, but I hope you know you sound like a Faggot when you say you are "straight edge".
by Sir Hello August 28, 2011

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