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The way one gets after downing too much whiskey. Wild Turky or So Co will do the trick. Screaming at trees or God while muttering half words is a common characteristic.
Sorry for slapping your girlfriend and pissing on your couch, I was pretty whiskey bent last night.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 04, 2005
A staple Old Folk agressive move. Shaking the fist lets people know they are disgruntled but haven't the means to kick your ass. Directly related to the wave off, the fist shake is a time honored right for senior citizens, and adored by the young.
When I burned out in front of Old Man Stephens house, he gave me such a fist shaking that I thought he was gonna bust a jugular.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 04, 2005
A mouth that spews nonsense or stupidity. Usually owned by some dumb trick who works in your office that gets done out by losers, and they think that gives them the right to talk about it.
"If I have to listen to that hooker mouth talk on the phone all day to her friends about getting banged out, I'll snap."
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay April 21, 2005
The motion made when an individual draws back their arm and waves it towards someone with a flick of the wrist and typically an "ahhhh". A direct relative to the fist shake. This is performed when the individual has had enough of conversation. Can be performed by all age groups, however a senior discount card is a bonafied license to wave off
When I told him the coffee price had jumped a quarter, Old Man Stephens gave me the wave off and walked out.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 04, 2005
To get mouthy with someone. To show tooth.
That broads gett'n awful toothy over there. If that hooker mouth shows tooth she's getting the boot.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 04, 2005
Most likely the greatest term for vagina today. Not since the word box has the vagina seemed so much like just an object.
I'd make use of that cram basket.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay April 21, 2005
Yet another name for the male member.
pernounced: Jam-sah-kel
Wait till she gets a load of my jam-cicle.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 06, 2005
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