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This is when a woman and a man get intimate, and the women later proceeds to give the man a fellatio. If the woman loves the man a whole lot, she will leave a kiss on the man's penis afterwards, leaving a mark if she wore lipstick.

If the woman kisses the penis, but there is no lipstick mark, it doesn't count.
I'm never going to wash off Aphrodite's kiss off.
by Sir Anonymous the VII May 14, 2010
This is a woman that is really attractive, really smart, and truly in love with someone but is involved with a satanic cult and/or an organization that the person who uses this word finds to be evil.
I don't care if she's a black mage, she's still going to be married to me.
by Sir Anonymous the VII May 14, 2010
A person (in most cases a man) who acts rough and/or lustful in public, but when in sexual intercourse, is tender and caring. It can also be used vice versa.
At first I though John was going to pound me, but he turned out to be a total tenderbender
by Sir Anonymous the VII May 14, 2010
A term used for a man who is sexually attracted to a woman who has studied at Harvard AND has gotten good marks as well. This is more commonly used among friends.
Man, I have such a Harvard hard-on for her.
by Sir Anonymous the VII May 14, 2010
This is when a man and a women are doing anal and the woman takes a shit on the man's penis and then the woman gives the man a fellatio immediately.
Why would I even want a dirty log polisher?
by Sir Anonymous the VII May 12, 2010
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