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The inability to accept the inevitable or obvious after an event has already happened.
Boss: You're fired!
Loser: You can't fire me, because I QUIT!
Boss: I don't know what you're quitting- I already fired you.
Loser: I QUIT, ya hear?! QUIT!!
Boss (to Secretary): Barbara, call security. We've got another case of "You can't fire me because I quit syndrome"
by Sir Andrew May 05, 2007
1. Male masturbation. This comes from the sound the Pacman game makes- "WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK".
-"Say, does anyone know where Chris is?"
-"I think he's in the bathroom"
-"For ten minutes?!"
-"Yeah, he's doing the Pacman"
by Sir Andrew November 07, 2007
A combination of the words 'slutty' and 'look'. Mostly said by girls to girls they secretly hate.
"I love the way you slook. Where'd you get that dress?"
by Sir Andrew August 21, 2008
1) God

2) The Actor who appeared in films such as "Baby's Day Out" (as the FBI Agent), "The Hunt For Red October" (as the admiral of the USS Enterprise, and more recently, Law & Order.
When Fred Thompson empties his pistol at the firing range, it reloads itself out of respect.
by Sir Andrew May 05, 2007
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