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The ninth sign of the zodiac. November 22-December 21.

Physical Traits
-usually tall
-have a broad or high forehead
-large proportioned body
-whispy hair
-a broad smile

Good Traits
Sagittarians are described as being good natured, honest, enthusiastic, highly intelligent, idealistic, and humorous. Their personalities are a mixture of outgoing confidence with a laid back appeal, which makes for a friendly disposition. They have a great sense of the world at large, whether it be current events, fashion, music, or art. They have a free-wheeling spirit and hate to be tied down to responsibilities. This enables them to either travel or take on intellectual pursuits. They usually sum up situations with a broad brush, because of this, they are able to look outside of the box for most situations and give a philosophical opinion. They are HUGE risk takers and are attracted to extreme sports. When in love, they are very enthusiastic and over the top. Because of their "can do" attitude, they are happy to take on task and are loyal and responsible.

Bad Traits
Sagittarians are known to be very outspoken individuals and are known to be very frank and blunt. Usually, their words are not meant to be mean or spiteful, they are just very honest individuals who cannot beat around the bush. They tend to be high strung when faced with demands and at times arrogant and narcissitic. They will, at these times, be inconsiderate of others feelings. Because of their independent natures, they abhor rules and are known to have a devil may care attitude when restricted or labeled. This often leads to risky behavior, such as promiscuous acts, and delving into alcohol and recreational drugs. They are prone to high levels of anger when they feel that they are being taken advantage of or lied to.
Famous people who are Sagittarius:
Walt Disney
Steven Spielberg
Brad Pitt
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Jamie Foxx
Brendan Frasier
Darryl Hannah
Miley Cyrus
Eva Longoria-Parker
Keither Sutherland
Julianne Moore
Kevin Bacon
Teri Hatcher
by Sir, Rob May 29, 2008

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