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Soo Woo is a term for the Bloods... Its to get a gang member or members attention... Its to recognize the color and the set they from... Its mostly used when its time to gather together for a fight or just a meeting for the Bloods...
Im n jail wit a few of my blood niggas... If any one of us yell "Soo Woo" dat means its tyme 2 lace up my boots n b ready 4 wateva... Any otha tyme its wat it do Blood? Just bickin back bein bool!!!
by Sin Blood August 09, 2010
A trick is a man or woman who pay for sex... Mostly men are called tricks... but some women pay for sex too...
Im in my car on tha late night tip half ass drunk... I c a bad bitch strollin the streets... I say damn bitch u fine ass hell how much u chargin??? U is n the trick category, u payin 4 pussy...
by Sin Blood August 11, 2010
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