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A Japanese anime originating as a manga. The show takes place during World War II, and each country is represented as a character. Each character represents many of the stereotypes of that particular nation, such as Italy's love for pasta.
Some feel that the show is educational to an extent, although not much is done educationally other than references to events that coincide with the episode's plot.
The fandom is often criticized for using stereotypes to define the characters' personalities and the way that counties are stereotyped.
The episodes in the anime are short: Most last around five minutes. An episode usually consists of one or two groups of characters with a small plot.
Person 1: I love Hetalia! Greece by far is definitely my fav character.
Person 2: I like Hetalia, although the stereotypes annoy me.
Person 3: I hate that gay piece of crap. It should have been canceled a LONG time ago.
by Simply Anon January 04, 2011

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