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Being unfair with others yet enabling certain people to do what you didn't let the others do.

For example, you have a bowl of chips that everyone can eat from but you don't allow certain people at the party to have the chips.

Double Standards can also apply to genders. Like, it's not weird to see a woman wearing men's clothing but it's very odd to see a man wearing women's clothing. So double standards come in different circumstances.
(both men notice a shy girl)
Man 1: What's the matter with her?
Man 2: Oh, she's just shy.
Man 1: That's hot!

(the girls see Man 2)
Girl 1: What's his problem?
Girl 2: He isn't very social
Girl 1: What a creep!
Man 1: This is a Double Standard, my friends.
by Simplistic Seth August 02, 2012
A neurological disorder that makes social interaction extremely difficult, like something as simple as starting a conversation with someone you barely know. The cause for it is still unknown, but researchers are still trying to figure out the cause for this form of autism. Those who have Aspergers Syndrome are often labeled as odd or eccentric, because we are used to being in our own world. Since we're usually outcasts in large groups of people, we go towards our interests, in which we are very brilliant at.

Symptoms vary depending on how mild or severe one's case is. People with this condition usually have trouble fitting in, are often the victims of bullying (throughout high school), and happen to have narrow interests on things in which they are very passionate about. For example, they will have a fairly good amount of information concerning movies, trains, geography, puzzles, etc. It'll almost be like they know every single detail about their interest to the point where they have almost a professor or encyclopedia equivalent knowledge about that subject that they know so much about.

If you have it (which I do), have no fear. Although we may be bad at keeping friends and maintaining a conversation, we're gifted in many things that we enjoy the most. Never let this condition get you down, because you are special and have a very bright future to live for.
Idiotic Guy: You're weird and geeky.
Smart Guy: I have Asperger's Syndrome, get used to it.
Idiotic Guy: (trying to think of a comeback) Well....you're still friggin' weird.
Smart Guy: When was the last time you memorized every quote from "American Pie" and were not afraid to perform in front of people? That's right, you don't have my traits, which I'm talented in.
Idiotic Guy: (speechless)
by Simplistic Seth July 15, 2012
The quirky female protagonist, known as the band geek in the original "American Pie" series. Michelle is played by Alyson Hannigan and deserves an Oscar for her performance as this lovable flute-toting band dork.

She is a fun and loving character, who is well-remembered by her amazing personality and fairly good looks. Besides the fact that she plays the flute, Michelle is also socially awkward (possible case of Aspergers Syndrome) and loves talking about her stories at band camp, by constantly starting a conversation with "This one time, at band camp.....".

Everyone wants a friend like Michelle.
Michelle Flaherty: Oh and this one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy
Jim Levenstein: (spits out his drink) Excuse me?!
Michelle Flaherty: What? You don't think I know how to get myself off? Hell, that's what half of band camp is, sex ed.
(brief pause)
Michelle Flaherty: (getting horny) So are we going to screw soo? Cause I'm getting kind of ansy.
by Simplistic Seth July 09, 2012
The point where semen shoots out of a man's penis, due to the achievement of an orgasm.

In order to get to this process, a man must stimulate genitals in some way (whether that be through fellatio, sexual intercourse or just masturbation) with an erection, in order for the fluids from the testicles to build up towards the penis.

Other than that, it is pretty self-explanatory.
Herman: How did you masturbate?
Stan: Oh, I just watched some porn and ejaculation occurred.
by Simplistic Seth July 26, 2012

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