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A greeting used in a sarcastic tone when greeting another person. It stems from the hyper bole, a langauage formed in Carroll County, and it is becoming increasingly popular among college campus's.
Simple Chris: "ohey guys"
Francis D: "o ok chris"
Simple Chris: "It hurts"
Francis D: "I love crispers"

Ohey Chris!
Ohey guys!
Ohey Francis!
by Simple Chris November 24, 2010
A remark after a sentence that is spoken in the hyper bole. The sentence is usually real simple and is completely ridiculous, and nobody knows what is going on. It also stems from carroll county, and is intended for sentences that include "ohey" as well as "obye".
Chris: Crutches are fun to use
Tom, Pat, Bread, DB, Bill, Joe, Tim, T, Cheese, Nick, Paul: O ok Chris
Chris: There's a coyote in my backyard
Tom Brokaw: No Chris, thats mittens riding a moped
Chris: I'm the best
by Simple Chris February 19, 2011

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