3 definitions by Simon Hunter

mateless prick who makes up that he is goin out with a pornstar.........yeah bollocks!!
We all looked her up!!!
by Simon Hunter August 24, 2004
A semi-chewed piece of food (it can be any food but most commonly a sandwich) which is spat out onto the ground. Someone may wish to birth a mandrake for several reasons: an unpleasant tasting mouthful, an unwanted object e.g. a fly may have entered the eater’s mouth without consent or even just for fun.
The word originates from North Yorkshire where a boy named Caleb first gave birth to a mandrake outside U07 at South Craven School.
Oh look at that mandrake on the floor, it looks just like the insides of a Big Mac.
by Simon Hunter January 11, 2005
a boy who shits himself when he's pissed!
Fuck...i've dun a chike!
by Simon Hunter August 24, 2004

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