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To pass out from inhaling nitrous oxide. It comes from people who inhale until they collapse at Phish concerts.
Give me back my balloon before you phishout.
by Simon Dermer January 04, 2004
It means good bye in Italian but is often misspelled by wannabe hoods
Chow baby!
by Simon Dermer January 05, 2004
Someone who is half-jewish and half-irish.
He's not just a half-jew, he's mother fuckin jewirish.
by Simon Dermer January 04, 2004
A Swiss citizen from the Italian speaking region of the country
That motherfuckin swop...when I get my hands on him
by Simon Dermer January 04, 2004
Someone who wears black denim jeans with a black denim jean jacket to a blacktie affair.
That guy travelled half way around the world to attend his cousin's funeral and he wore an irish tuxedo.
by Simon Dermer January 04, 2004
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