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It's what you call it when a psychiatrist has an affair with an adult patient in their care.
Any shrink who gets caught banging their patient shouldn't have their license taken away for having a psychiatryst. They should be struck for being such a poor diagnostician.
by Simon C. Dermer July 25, 2009
Pope Benedict's alias.
"Damn, that Gerbilzinger is involved in another scandal? Sheeeeeeeeeetttt!!"

"That's right dirty dog. One of his archbishops had their ring kissed by Vaya Con Cornholio. Looks like another gerbil got zinged."
by Simon C. Dermer April 25, 2010
Politics based on sexual factors rather than on ideological or ethical considerations.
Venerealpolitik was the hallmark of Bill Clinton's presidency.
by Simon C. Dermer February 07, 2010
A trancelike state, artificially induced, in which a person has a heightened suggestibility regarding the need for foot orthotics.
After visiting a soothsayer in a shopping mall kiosk, that guy won't even go scuba diving without his orthotics. Practitioners of hypnorthosis sometimes take it too far.
by Simon C. Dermer July 27, 2009
A snap transformation to a vegetarian lifestyle informed by moral considerations. The consumption of animal products is suddenly perceived to be wrong.
After reading Peter Singer, his view of the world changed. It was a vegestalt shift.
by Simon C. Dermer July 25, 2009
A person who is considered to be both exotic and psychotic. Outside of Thailand it's typically a female.
"That Sudanese girl is quite exotic and more than a bit psychotic."

"Dude man, it's just crazy dealing with psychexotic chicks. It can get pretty messy."
by Simon C. Dermer January 29, 2010
Gentlemanly moniker for the town of Newmarket, Ontario.
"The boys from Ireland are arriving tonite. I'd like to line up some birds for them that won't waste their time if you know what I mean. Any thoughts?"

"Sure mate, get a white panel carpeted van and do a run to Newmeatmarket. You'll be sorted in no time."
by Simon C. Dermer January 22, 2010

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