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The forum where overachievers go, where people will do anything to get into Top 15, where people self-study APs, brag about their acceptances/rejections, and complain of getting 790.
That dude's going to self-study AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, AP Microeconomics, and is going to retake his 790 on the SAT II Chemistry. He must have gone to Collegeconfidential!
by Simfish April 25, 2005
An ingenious attempt by Maxis to make money by making so many expansion packs that people somehow cannot resist buying. Has a larger market than any other computer game as it's a game where both hardcore teenage male gamers and normal people can actually relate to.
Buying all of the expansion packs of the game individually would cost hundreds of dollars. Especially for those so impatient that they cannot wait for packs to merge the expansion packs together.
by Simfish June 23, 2005
A hypothetical cat that is simultaneously dead and alive because we don't know whether the nuclear particle has decayed or not, releasing the trigger that kills the cat. Used as an example that quantum mechanics is completely absurd when we look at it from a mundane perspective.
Schrodinger didn't test this experiment on a cat.
by Simfish June 23, 2005
Graduate Record Examination. Yeah, even if you're done with high school, the Collegeboard will still torment you with the GRE if you want to get into graduate school. While the main GRE test is very similar to the SAT, there are also subject-based GRE tests. For inexplicable reasons, most graduate schools still require them even though research and GPA are FAR MORE IMPORTANT.
Grrr, Marie has to take the GRE Saturday instead of admiring the Schrodinger equation.
by Simfish June 23, 2005
Art of Problem Solving. A forum for math enthusiasts, with a forum for an unusually large number of the best math students in the United States and the world.
If you go to AoPS and aren't an USAMO qualifier, prepare to be humbled. AoPS is full of them.
by Simfish May 17, 2005
The man whose teachings are indirectly responsible for the pressures that Asian parents impose on their children
AznNerd93: omg my parents told me to break up with my girlfriend for the sake of filial piety due to this Confucius dude
by Simfish June 15, 2007
Summer Science Program. Intensive summer camp on astronomy hosted in Socorro, NM and Ojai,CA where students get to work on their asteroid research projects. Has become insanely more competitive in 2005.
That dude submitted yet another asteroid research project to Intel. He must have gone to SSP.
by Simfish April 26, 2005

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