1 definition by Silvy the Snoball Squealer

The most glorious and delicious Hostess creation consisting of an outer layer of coconut marshmallow, often colorful (white, pink, blue, green, and orange conviently for Halloween!) with an innerlayer of chocolate cake and cream! ::grabs a snoball:: Nutricious if you're anorexic. A treat that no other product can compete with and one day will be the dessert fed to me by the lead singer from Incubus, Brandon Boyd.
"Oh, Silvana...the way you munch on that Snoball is incredibly sexy."
*Munch munch munch*
"I think it's about time we've made love!"
*shoves snoball into mouth in a heat of passion* "Kiss me, Brandon."
by Silvy the Snoball Squealer August 12, 2004

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