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Having digestive issues and wiping very frequently, the Red Ass gets a very sore and irritated burn around the anus area that usually includes the scrotum. The Red Ass has high stress and bad diet, and is usually chemically dependent. It becomes a never ending condition, giving them a warped attitude from the constant pain and the mental illness. This devolves into an obsessed, resentful, hatred of all mankind. This resentment seeths and permeates everything the Red Ass does. Beware because they are out for revenge and reactionary.
That Red Ass got another Shit Stain and laid a rope across the road and then they pulled it up to knock Robert off of his motorcycle as he ripped by.
by Silicon Sleuth January 07, 2008
To have someone completely blow you off for a meeting or event after you talked to them earlier in the day to confirm.
Dude! I guess he ain't gonna make it, he Bakered me. I talked to him this morning and he said he was coming to the birthday party and he hasn't called.
by Silicon Sleuth January 10, 2008
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