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A very attractive fellow, inhabiting a small fortress in Slovenia, known to have an almost dangerous sex appeal and extremely acid tongue. Upon encounter you oughta keep in mind that physical sexual contact with him is nigh impossible, despite your overwhelming urge to do so.
Dragonlance, Visual Utopia, ...
by Silent Observer January 18, 2005
A group of deprived teenagers sit in a circle with a cookie in the center of there quivering legs as they have contest to "squirt" on to cookie. The last one to land his load has to eat the cookie. It is basically a circle jerk with negative motivation.
Bryce: Hey taft you don't look so good.
Taft: I played wookie cookie last night
Bryce: let me guess .... You lost
Taft: Well in one way , yes
by Silent Observer June 17, 2003

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