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1. Someone who cannot see the truth of something or otherwise says, justifies, covers for, or even praises something or someone that is untrue, unlikely, unattainable, unflattering, wrongheaded or plain impossible because they are thinking less with their brains and more with their dick (or vagina... women do this too), which ofen times blinds the best of men to reality. This is especially relevant when it pertains or relates to a woman, women, and the things they do or say. Often seen or heard when a man has become so whipped that he says things to make his girl happy or to convince his friends she's worthwhile *so* often that he says/does them without thinking and even starts to believe most of it after a time.
"Well, I know that she's wrecked my car twice, gotten me fired, gotten herself fired, hates my friends, cost me thousands to bail her out of jail 4 times in one night, is lush, etc., etc., but she's really good for me!" This guy is cockblind to the reality that his girl is a walking disaster who is dragging him down with her. A woman sticking with a man who beats her is a similiar situation.
by Siege of August Skye May 25, 2005
Someone who hates crowds or crowded places. Often times these are people who have a deep seated need for personal space and/or dislikes the mob mentality of large masses of humanity.
She doesn't go to movies on opening night because she's clusterphobic.

Nah, he'd hate the French Quarter... As clusterphobic as he is, he'd prolly start a fight.
by Siege of August Skye May 31, 2005

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