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Frequent ridiculous autocorrects made by an iPhone in response to the typetardedness of its user. A perfect union of hopeless user and overly invasive autocorrection which results in amusing typetarded sentence construction.
"Did you see all the funny errors in that message John sent from his iPhone? What a pair of absolute typetards he and his phone are!"
by Sideline Critic January 21, 2012
Self-admonishment for a temporary inability to overcome a much inferior opponent due to short-term brain fade.

May be used as a form of motivation in semi-professional sporting circles where code violations and other forms of penalty are less likely to be enforced.
During her tennis match Gail says "Faarken Reeetard! I can't BELIEVE I'm going to lose to this gurl!!"

(much hilarity and mirth on the sidelines given the actual quality of the "useless" gurl being referred to)
by Sideline Critic January 21, 2012

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