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Word used to describe Politicians, or governing people in power who make silly or dangerous decisions, policies, or the like which usually have the opposite effect than what they were intended for.
Politicians who are after media attention and PR to make themselves look good and win "votes" rather than improve the situation for the voters.
I see Ken and Boris have been in the news again, arguing about yet another silly topic - sillymen!
Oh no, not another bendy bus accident, what are those sillymen playing at?
Congestion charging, Emissions control zone tax, excessive anti-parking measures and no drive zone. Those sillymen really have got it in for the motorist!
Oh dear, I can't afford to pay the taxes and fines on my car any more and public transport is utterly aweful. Damn silly men, I'm voting Geremy Kyle next time.
by Sid Siddington February 21, 2008

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