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THEMOJOMAN(REG.USTM) A WHITE Personality Disc Jockey that run a Wild and Personality type Radio Show at nine stations over a 22yr Period from 1958 to the early 80's. One of his gimmicks was to include info garnered from his fan mail and phone calls. Another of his gimmicks was the RHYMING and RAPPING he could do LONG before it became popular. Things Like "THIS IS TheMojoMan Puttin' the Wiggle in your walk,the Giggle in your talk,Cheer in you ear,Dip in your Hip,Move in your Groove,Glide in your Slide and The Swing in your Thing,,Winding up YOUR RUBBER BAND with THEMOJOMAN.
Stompin'The Floors and Beatin'The Walls with THEMOJOMAN
An indearing term to discribe or address YOUR GIRL FRIEND OR GIRL FRIENDS or even YOUR WIFE.
Stompin'The Floors,,Beatin'the Walls and Hangin'From the Chandeliers with THEMOJOMAN and all The BabyCakes,Cookie Crunchers,Curb Jumpers,Thunderchickens and GearJammers As Stated By "THEMOJOMAN"(reg.ustm) ON ALL HIS RADIO SHOWS THROUGH OUT THE 60'S 70'S and EARLY 80'S
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