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When you socialize with people that you don't know and have never met in person on a dating or social networking site. Almost like being single at a cocktail party that takes place on your laptop.
I've been "cyber mingling" with a few guys back and forth on okcupid. For the most part we talk about common interests, but always tend to have a flirtatious under tone.
by Sickeningly Sweet December 20, 2010
From the storyline "The Talented Mr. Ripley". When someone you've been close with becomes obsessed with your talents and personality traits, then all of a sudden pretends you never existed and imitates them as their own.
We were so close and then I never heard from her again. It was like I never existed. Then she had all of these new interests, activities and changes to her personality on her facebook that were identical to mine. She totally "Mr. Ripleyed" me!
by Sickeningly Sweet December 20, 2010
When you go to hygienic extremes with your private areas like a porn star would in preparation for sex. For example getting fully waxed, having laser hair removal treatments or having a colonic performed.
I'm getting a colonic today.

Oh wow! That's so porn star of you!
by Sickeningly Sweet July 06, 2011
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