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The type of guy that everyone wants to be friends with, until they get to know him. Hes totally into himself. Hes never been and never will be in a committed relationship. His friends cant stand his egotistic personality, and secretly make jokes about the inflation of his head behind his back. The type of guy that enjoys when girls fawn over him, which they do. He has an issue with invading personal boundaries, and touching random peoples butts. He thinks talking about getting high gives him street cred. which it doesn't. He thinks everybody loves him. Hes a kiss ass, Eddie Haskell, who is more in love with himself than he ever will be with a girl. He insults you and calls it a joke. He is the classic definition of an ass-wipe.
*Why is she crying, classic Fontaine move?
*How could we work together on a project and he gets a grade letter higher than me? must be a Fontaine situation, hes screwing the teacher.
*So why are you friends with him if you cant stand him? Its kind of a Fontaine situation.
by SickOfGettingUsedByAssWipes April 04, 2011

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