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Noun: A female with many unintroduced hot/fun/attractive friends.

Longer Definiton: A female who has recently been introduced to one or more in your circle of guy friends. This female either has many hot friends in her circle or has the potential of having hot friends. Unfortunately, this female has not yet introduced her friends to your group. Her friends are therefore considered eggs that the goose can lay, if and only if the goose is treated properly in the intial stages of group introduction. If someone angers, f**ks, etc the goose too soon, she may not lay eggs and therefore becomes dead to your group. In essence, the goose has been killed and can not lay eggs, ie. this girl will remove herself and her friends from you.

Tread Wisely: You always have to take care of the goose, they never run out of eggs and are pretty easy to please as long as you don't f**k them. Eggs are easliy broken and pretty easily replace, so there is no real need to be careful. Bottom line: Don't be a goose killer.
Mike: Hey guys - check out that chick. Probably a total goose.
Paul: Yeah - look at her friends, we have to meet her.
Jared: Paul, just don't kill the goose till she's laid some eggs for the rest of us.

Grant (to Rick): Ben, did you nail that chick at the bar last night?
Mark (to Rick): Yeah man - how'd that go?
Rick (to group): She's a goose guys. I fed her some grain so soon she'll lay some eggs for us. Her and her friends want to hang out with all of us next weekend.
by Sick Richard June 18, 2007

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