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The fury of this intense competetition can make grown men cry. The men are required to climax an insane 48 times in a 24 hour period. They are given a small tube of lubrication, a glass of water, and a protein bar for the duration of the competition.
In the midst of the insanity during the Bust-A-Nut Ironman competition, Ryan G. ripped the foreskin of his derranged penis, spewing blood and seamen in a 3 metre radius of himself, dealing splash damage to nearby competitors.
by Sick Ass Mothafucka August 08, 2005
Wacking off in a repetitive nature for atleast three climaxes.
Ryan G. Completed the wackoff marathon in a matter of seconds while having a cybersex scenerio involving the following Halo 2 characters; the Mastercheif, 3 Spartans, and various brutes.

Congratulations Ryan from Abbey Park, if you see him in the hall, give him a pat on the back, just dont shake his hand.
by Sick Ass Mothafucka August 08, 2005
When the mothafuckin doc shuvs a small unbrella up some bitches poonani and opens that shit, and pulls it out, scraping the lining of the vagina.
The doctor exclaimed: "PAPSHMEARS ON THE HOUSE TONIGHT, LADIES", then he knocked out the first bitch he saw and fucked her...POONANI!!
by Sick Ass Mothafucka August 08, 2005

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