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A combination of Adderall and Benadryl that is snorted. Usually 4 Benadryl every 50mg of Adderall.

It's called blue skank because the 5, 7.5, and 10mg pills of Adderall are blue, which is what color a kid who lied to his doctor to get some would get. The orange 12.5, 15, 20, and 30mg pills and crushed up XR capsules can also be called blue skank, but it makes more sense for it just to be called skank.
Snorted some skank
Right up my nose
It burnt going up
But that's the way it goes

From 12 o'clock
To 8 in the morning
Skanking it up
Never gets boring

Sitting in my room
I've got nothing to do
Gunna find them pills
And give myself a whirl

Blue skank blue skank
I wanna feel good
Blue Skank blue skank
All over my nose

Benadryl makes you tired
Adderall makess you awake
Snorting them both together
Anything but a mistake

Blue skank blue skank
I wanna feel good
Blue Skank blue skank
All over my nose

~Shock Frot
by Shock Frot August 27, 2007
What is Skank?
Skank is a drug made up of Adderall, Ritalin, and Benadryl.

What are the different types?
There is Skank A, Skank B, and Skank R. Here’s the difference:
Skank A: Mostly Adderall.
Skank B: Mostly Benadryl.
Skank R: Mostly Ritalin.

How much does it cost?
The most common form of Skank is a triple 6, which is 60 mg of each ingredient. That costs 15 dollars. But more commonly is a triple 6 with either Skank A, B, or R . These tend to be more enjoyable ’because you get to decide which ingredient you want more of. Here is a list of all the different amounts of Skank, their mg, and cost:

10 Ball (10th of an ounce) | 2,700mg | A:900 B:900 R:900 | $250

3rd (Third of a 10 Ball)| 900mg | A:300 B:300 R:300 | $85

99 (99th of an ounce) | 300mg | A:100 B:100 R:100 | $30

Triple 6 R | 180mg | A:30 B:60 R:90 | $20

Triple 6 A | 180mg | A:90 B:60 R:30 | $15

Triple 6 | 180mg | A:60 B:60 R:60 | $15

Triple 6 B | 180mg | A:60 B:90 R:30 | $10

Pinch | 90mg | A:30 B:30 R: 30 | $8

What’s it like?
Skank has the adrenaline and energy of Adderall, the concintration and “everything is so great” of Ritalin, with the unique feeling of snorting Benadryl. Which is much different from eating it.

What are the side-effects?
Lack of hunger and lack of sleep.

Why is it called Skank?
It was originally Blue Skank. 5, 7.5, and 10 mg of Adderall are blue, which is how it started out. Later, Benadryl was also mixed with Adderall XR capsules and the orange 15, 20, 25, and 30 mg pills. Even later, Ritalin was added. This is the final ingredient in Skank, and this combination is most pleasing.
Snorted some Skank
Right up my nose
It burnt for a moment
That's the way it goes
I'm feelin' good
Feelin' so fine
And when I'm comin' down
I'll cut another line of
Blue Skank


Well my DOC is part OTC
The other two thirds
You get Prescriptionly
You might think this is some
Kind of weird recreation
But these two ingrediants'll
Keep you all night Skankin'
by Shock Frot September 23, 2007

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