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The reciever of the warm brownie in a blumpkin ménage à trois...Eliminates the need for a shitter...
Hey honey your friend Eric would make a great Blumpkin Catcher
by Shizzle Daddy November 09, 2005
When you have two chicks giving you a blumpkin at the same time and they are fighting for the payoff.
The Hilton Sisters would look hot giving me a Battling Blumpkin
by Shizzle Daddy October 24, 2005
When you get your girl in the piledriver position and plow her mouth till you blow...then you piledrive her skull into the concrete floor and shit all over her head...
That was a viscious "Diahrrea Piledriver" Eric gave Teddy at the Christmas Party
by Shizzle Daddy December 02, 2005
You get her in the pile driver position...Slam your cock in her mouth...Then after you nut in her mouth you pile driver her skull into the concrete...Then shit all over her fractured skull
The Diarrhea Piledriver is not a good first date move....Its more like an I wanna end this relationship type move...Like letting her catch you in bed banging a hotter younger chick...
by Shizzle Daddy November 30, 2005

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