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A bunch of hell-crazy girls who will glomp, tackle or try to almost kill their idol.
Can also be considered really evil.
The fangirl was arrested for nearly killing her idol by means of suffocation.
by Shiva Elf July 02, 2003
Used to make really -really- good games... But then... look what happened.
Squaresoft? They used to be great. But now their Final Fantasy is just a label for cash.
by Shiva Elf July 08, 2003
1 - Rocket Propelled Grenade; A large firearm
2 - Role Playing Game; Basically a game that contains more text then usually. You take up a role and play throughout a game with that role, interacting in speech, battles, shopping, etc.
1 - "Holy cow! He's got an RPG!"
2 - "Some people love RPGs, some people hate 'em."
by Shiva Elf October 18, 2003
'Night creature' obviously.
Was also used in the anime 'Berserk' as 'Nosferatu Zodd'.
by Shiva Elf July 02, 2003

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