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A shitty rap group from the mountains of Pennsylvania. Consists of two band mates who often commit homosexual acts with each other after consuming large amounts of alcohol.

It is uncertain if they are serious about music or if they just have a gimmick where they imitate bad bands. Popular subjects that they rap about include their love for I.C.P., drinking beer, words that rhyme but have no meaning when put together, and also how they want to perform falacio on I.C.P.

They perform with other wannabe rappers who claim they are a record label but they don't have a tax I.D. number or sell any music. THey also have to pay a fee to put on the vast majority of there concerts. They are also notorious for mooching off their parents for rent money. They also smell like grungy stoners despite the fact they can't afford marijuana.

Also the one raper in the group is a woman beater and is Jewish but hides his religious preference at all costs.
Dude, who are those white guys on stage holding there crotches like they are black?

That's D.K.B. what the fuck did the jewish one just say? "I get at my homies/I flip them like some fishes/ I always toss there salads" what the hell?!

At least it's better then the other one rapping about how he wants to take I>C>P to bed!!!
by Shitty acts at silo August 08, 2009

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