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N (classification)- people who are constantly on the internet gossiping about what so and so were doing last night, going to parties for the soul purpose of getting wasted and ending up in someones bed they have no idea who they are, joining clicks and assimilating themselves into trends for the shirr fact that everyone else is doing it. these people include but not limited to Preps, people who watch MTV and Big Brother, 3OH3 super fans, anyone who has gone to the club for the soul purpose of getting people to buy them drinks so they can get shit faced drunk, fake people, and anyone of the Tucker Max scale of either 1star or the fabled "wildebeest" variety. Non adult acting 18+ people.
Why are there so many twinks here, don't they have a curfew or parents they need to get home to?
by Shisno 1138 July 27, 2010

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