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Counter Strike is a Half Life modification Created by Valve sytems. It is and extremely popular fps considered the standard fps for all competitions, fps standing for First Person Shooter. Unfortunately, this tipe of online game has become overcrowded with people from 8 to 14 year olds, mostly males, extremely unmature, who, due to tehir inexpertise, intend on speaking in decoded language or 1337 5p34k. (Leet Speak) Level of skill tends to range in age and country. as an experienced player with a maximum ratio of k:50 and d:12, i have experienced online matches with people from america, and i must add, the usual bashing of "N00bs", and "H4x0rs", tends to occur with people of average skill. Also, the Non-Steam version of this game has become extremely popular due to its easy playability. remember, third world country students are MUCH better than americans of any age and therefore we are usually deemed h4x0rs.
in Counter-Strike 1.6 source or over:
Advanced player(age 15 or over): Hmm, seems i gave you a headshot. better luck next time
Average 10yearold: OMG! WTF H4X0R!
-you are teh banned! i r teh g8test!
by Shinobi///Omega November 09, 2008

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