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A Cute Grilish Laugh, Sometimes Used By Men In Online Covos For Laughs.
xxxLolxxx: Hahaha You Suck
TheChris2227: Tehee
by Shiggy Maru & J Green September 28, 2006
Gods Gift To Man, Usualy Associated With Gods Gift To Himanity Good Old Fassion Sex. Sometimes Refered To As Boobies, Tittys, Juggs, Watermellons, Bags, Yam Yams, Chesticles, Baloons, Henry And Fred, And Or Pillows. Sometimes Given Cute Nicknames By There Partners In Crime AKA Boyfriend Or Girlfriend If There Bi Or Lesbian.
"mmm... Grab My Boobs"
"Thoes Are Some Big Boobs!"
"Mmm... TITTYS!!!"
by Shiggy Maru & J Green September 28, 2006

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