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A form of sarcastic irony deriving from its original use as an expression of incredulity. Often used after a oneliner or emphatic statement to mock the speaker.
"He was never in time for his classes . . .Then one day he wasn't in his time at all."

Oh no he didn't!
by Shiggity and Trionna September 06, 2010
A weird insult from mid 90's media of uncertain origin, meaning "moron" or possibly "philistine." Is it a reference to the dinosaur? Or Barney Fife? The world may never know.
"I'll show those short-sighted barneys who's mad now!" - Weird Science, c. 1995
by Shiggity and Trionna December 31, 2010
Spanish. Literally, "pretty chocolate." A hot black woman. Guapa = pretty + mole = chocolate.
I was at the bar last night and saw a real guapamole eating some guacamole!
by Shiggity and Trionna January 11, 2011
An attempt to retract a social faux pas, often a rant, implying -- usually jokingly -- that the whole thing was just an act. Originates from auditioning on the stage, when an actor would add it at the end of a scene and mean it literally.
Person 1: "I hate those Sunday drivers"
Person 2: "Me too! This one guy was going like 30 MILES AN HOUR TOO SLOW and I was leaning on my horn but he was eating a donut and was all like WHY DON'T YOU WAKE UP YOU INCONSIDERATE F*CK AND GET THE F*CK OUTTA MY WAY!"
*Crickets and wide-eyed stares*
Person 2: "And... scene."
by Shiggity and Trionna April 05, 2012

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