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v: Usually when a group of guys try to touch each other in private areas, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be private areas. It could just be a whole bunch of guys messing around and pushing each other.
*People pushing and shoving* “Stop Gay Touching and get out of the way!”

Why don’t you stop gay touching and get your work done?
by Shield of Meat May 15, 2006
v.: The act of touching somebody on the butt. It may have a gay reference if a guy touches another guy on the butt. This is not to be confused with gay touch-ing. Where as gay touching is with a group, butt touching is usually just a single, one on one, touch.

“Hey, you want to hang out later and do stuff, and by doing stuff I mean touch butt, and by touch butt I mean butt touch.”

I got butt touched today in the hall.
by Shield of Meat May 15, 2006
n.: Possibly the worst thing you could do to somebody after death. Once the person is buried and rotted for a good 2 to 3 months, the remains are then excavated by two men. When they have a cadaver out of the casket, one member lays down on his back, the other standing above him holding the corpse. He then begins beating on the head, formaldehyde and other preservatives fall free from the decaying body into the mouth of the guy lying on the ground.
Lets give her a munion after she dies.
by Shield of Meat May 15, 2006

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