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8 definitions by Shelley McIntyre

Knowing what someone is going to do on the Internet before they do it.
Jane: Julia is going to blog about her phone conversation with Nick, Rex is going to read it and comment, and then all hell will break loose.

Jim: How the hell do you know that?

Jane: I told you. I'm interpathic.
by Shelley McIntyre April 11, 2008
A pasta dish so rich and fattening that it will require you to have a coronary angioplasty when you are finished eating.
Boy: Oooh they have penne with gorgonzola alfredo sauce. I'm getting that.

Girl: Easy with the angiopasta, fatty.
by Shelley McIntyre December 04, 2007
A quick upward motion of one's chin. It's the opposite motion to a head nod. Can be used as a greeting, or to indicate an item or person to someone else. Most commonly used by men.
John: Hey man, which girl are you going for?
Steve: (chindicates in direction of girl)

Sarah: Hon, where did you put the bag from the store?
Rick: (chindicates in direction of bag)
Sarah: I don't understand what you're saying. USE YOUR WORDS.
by Shelley McIntyre August 21, 2008
Sunglasses that someone keeps on at inappropriate times, such as during a group lunch or dinner, while talking with one person about a serious topic, or in any indoor venue. One wears shunglasses to shut out other people.
Amit: Something's bothering me that I want to talk to you about.
Soren: Ya man, shoot.
Amit: Take off your goddamned shunglasses, asshole. This is serious.

by Shelley McIntyre August 21, 2008
Slang for "convenience charge," the fee that Ticketmaster/Ticketbastard adds to your ticket price to cover their overhead, labor costs, and hosting bills.
Her: Hang on, this show is only 20 bucks. Why the hell is my credit card about to be charged $32.50??

Him: Yeah, that would be the inconvenience charge. Bastards.

by Shelley McIntyre April 30, 2008
A statuesque and exceedingly thin woman who accompanies a narcissistic, divorced, or unconfident man on outings. Like arm candy, but with plastic surgery and gold heels. She will never be his trophy wife, however. That's not how she rolls.
-Hey, is Doug's divorce final yet?

-Yeah, and he's bringing his new trophy skeleton to the club tonight. She's gotta be a foot taller than he is.
by Shelley McIntyre December 04, 2007
The courtesy reboot occurs when you are using your computer for a time-sensitive purpose, such as writing a report or making a presentation in a meeting. Without notice or even a BSOD, your screen blanks out and your computer reboots. On restart you frequently receive a cheery "update installed!" message, which makes your blood boil.
Presenter: Now let's take a look at the FY09 budget numbers, which we need submit in the next 20 minutes.

(Screen blanks out)

Attendee: Looks like you're going to have to wait for that courtesy reboot first, pal.
by Shelley McIntyre April 30, 2008