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Who ever says the Great white shark is a sea pussy, your a pussy! Great white sharks are the ultimate rulers of the ocean, Great white sharks can eat a pussy ass orca whale and crocodile! Great white sharks even eat cute little dolphins! Great white sharks are the most feared and strongest and powerfulest animal in the sea! Great whites rule the ocean! Great whites are equipped to kill animals bigger than it. Yes, Great whites kill orcas and crocodiles. Nothing can stop the coolest sea creture ever, the Great white shark!
Great white sharks are the best, and they are totally cool and badass! The Great white shark is such a beautiful shark, and if you don't agree, kiss our asses!
by Shelby and Sabrina May 31, 2007
The biggest, baddest predator of the ocean. A Great white shark could eat the living hell out of a orca and a crocidile. The Great white can kill anything in its path. It does not matter about the size, the Great white shark is strong enough to take down a sea animal bigger than it. If you don't agree fuck off! The Great white is the king of the ocean. There has been stories of Great whites eating the living hell out of orcas and crocs. Hell a hippo can take down a crocidile We saw it on animal planet. A pod of dolphins can take down a orca, saw that also. But nothing can take down a Great white. It is our dream to swim with Great whites. Great whites kick ass! Great whites are such beautiful sharks. Great whites are our favorite sharks. There is a story of a Great white killing a blue whale! We believe it too. Great whites win all the way. Great whites are a LOT stronger than some orca and some croc. Go Great whites!
Great white sharks are awsome!
by Shelby and Sabrina May 29, 2007
The best fucking game system ever! Fuck the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is trash! The Playstation 3 is more powerful, faster, looks more expensive, and has better graphics than the Xbox 360. And if you don't agree fuck off! The Playstation 3 can play Ps1 games, Ps2 games, and of course its own games Ps3 games. You can also do more stuff on it too. Sony has the 1st place trophy every year wether you Xbox fans like it or not. Sony is also a better brand than microsoft. Everytime you are in a store, like Best buy or circuit city, they always tell you Sony is the best brand to pick, and for gosh sake people its true! Playstation 3 is newer than the 360 so its way better. So for you people that say the Playstation 3 sucks, shut up because you have never even played it, your just jelious because you can't afford a nice Playstation 3 and you have to stick with a cheap, ugly green and white Xbox 360. Playstation 3's games are awsome, not one Ps3 game has been bad. Playstation 3 just threw the Xbox 360 out of the window. You Xbox lovers are just jealous because your watching your little ugly Xbox 360 get its ass kicked by the big, beautiful, powerful Playstation 3. Fuck Wii, fuck xbox, fuck Xbox 360, Playstation 3 has got it all! Playstation 2 is still better than Xbox's too. PLAYSTATION 3 RULES!!! Play smart, play b3yond, play Playstation 3. Be smart, get a garbage bag, and through away your Xbox 360. PS3 rules!!!!
Playstation 3 is the best and will be the best 4 ever including the other Playstations they make.
by Shelby and Sabrina August 03, 2007
A ugly big hipped bitch that fights like one as well. She dresses sluty when she can't wear it! Yes Lara does make sex noises. Lara has got a boyish body. Large eyes, big hips, large lips, a huge fat girls ass, shes way to muscular for a woman ewwww, shes wide and everything about her is bad! She is a big nerd! She is only looked at by nerds! Everyone thinks shes so beautiful when shes not! And whats up with them double D titties?! She is a slut that thinks shes the greatest thing in the world when shes the worst. Lara croft is just so goddamn ugly! You know who the ultimate vixen is?, Agent Bloodrayne!!! Why you know damn well it ain't no geeky Lara croft. And Lara's name is just so low class. Shes so greedy, she has all that money and instead of helping children around the world, she add's to her mansion every year. Her mansion is not even all that pretty. Oh yeah, we can't picture Lara in a tight leather outfit that Rayne wears! Lara would be nothing in a tight leather suit! Most people need to get that Rayne is beautiful and Lara is not! We wish we looked like Rayne! Rayne has got beauty no woman can have only admire, Lara's got nothing!! Rayne's got the body, Lara has a fat ass queer's body that is trying to be a boy, with manly legs. Lara looks sixty years old thats how ugly she is. Rayne could kill Lara in one second, maybe even faster than that. And Lara hates Americans, she admitted it in legend, fuck her, we hope she drowns in her tea! Rayne is a all- American- beauty! Rayne fights better than Lara too. Lara can't even fight, thats why she uses guns, if she didn't have guns she'd die! Rayne don't need her blades and dragons to whip ass, you can tell that with her martial arts and acrobatical moves!
Lara croft is a ugly skank, Rayne rules!
by Shelby and Sabrina August 03, 2007
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