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The Basset Hound is one of the best breeds. They can be medium to large. Most males get large. Usually females are medium. Bassets are like a minature Blood hound, and Bassets are way cuter. The color variations are Brown and White, Tri-Color, Or more rarely Black and Tan. Bassets are very cute, and cuddly no matter what people say. Bassets are too misjudged. Bassets rule the hounds!
The Basset Hound is the best breed of hound dog, and is too misjudged by stupid idiots. Bassets are Cute and Cuddly.
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
A cool combined breed. A badass dog! Nothing can stop it! They are very cute!
The Pit Bull/Labrador Retriever is one badass mutt! It rules all the mutts! They are very cute!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
The sexiest and best tekken character whom is better than Armor King and Marduk. King rules. He is a 6'5 mexican wrestler, who is fucking fine. King rules Tekken! He is very SEXY!!!!!! He is cooler than Armor KING, and Wayyy sexier than Armor KING!
King II is the best and Sexiest Tekken character. King II rules Tekken!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
A very beautiful dog breed. It is the largest dog breed on earth, outweighing, the Great dane, American Mastiff, English Mastiff, and all the other dog breeds. They are one of the best dog breeds. The largest dog on earth was a Saint Bernard, weighing over 500 lbs!The second largest dog breed on earth is the American Mastiff. English Mastiff comes third, and Great Dane comes fourth. Here is a list of other names of Saint Bernard: Saint Berhardshund, Alpline Mastiff, and Bernhardiner. The real name Saint Bernard, of course. They were used for working, and rescue dogs. They are catholic. They were owned by monks and priests. Saint Bernards are the largest and best Mastiffs!
Saint Bernards rule the Mastiffs! They are cute! The Saint Bernard is a heavyweight dog!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
A junky fucking game system that isn't worth a penny. It breaks easily, horrible graphics, the graphics are blurry, junky look, shitty-ass controls, sucks like the xbox. PS3 rules! Xbox 360 sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xbox and Xbox 360 sucks ass! PS3 rules!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
The best fucking game system which kicks xbox and xbox 360s ass! PS3 has better graphics, better looks, better speed, just better than xbox's period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS3 rules! Play b3yond!
PS3 is The best fucking game system that kicks xbox and xbox 360 ass! PS3 rules!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
A cute breed, but not as strong or cool as the Pit Bull.
The Doberman Pinscher is cute.
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007

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