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14 definitions by Sheila in car

The edge gained by ordering lots of drinks, every course and the most expensive items on the menu when you know the restaurant bill is to be shared...
Carl successfully achieved check splitting dominance when he moved to order the lobster entree right after ordering his third drink.
by Sheila in car April 18, 2011
The God-awful, ridiculously over the top first name given to the unsuspecting spawn of an ego maniacal,attention grabbing celebrity parent or parents.
Would be fair to say Frank Zappa's child, Moon Unit, was given a fame name .

Hall of " fame names"......Blue Ivy Carter,Apple Martin, Rumor and Scout Willis,Eunice Kennedy
by Sheila in car January 11, 2012
Finding its origin in the legal term res judicata (meaning forever barred) ,res judicootie references one's successful treatment of head lice or nits, fleas and the like....
Following two weeks of torturous treatment,little Sally was hoping to declare res judicootie on her case of head lice.
by Sheila in car December 26, 2011
The uterine fluid which supports a fetus within the womb of an absolute moron mother to be...

See Snooki
It was a safe bet any spawn coming from her amni-idiotic fluid

would not be a rocket scientist.
by Sheila in car March 04, 2012
Stringing your present girlfriend along until you can find a new and improved one.....
Even though she made him mental,Paul made sure he had boner insurance by dating his present girlfriend until he could find a better replacement.
by Sheila in car September 23, 2011
Way too long hair on a girl worn only because her boyfriend likes it ....
Even though she would look better with a chic short haircut,Sally kept her boyfriend hair to keep Steve happy.
by Sheila in car January 22, 2012
Term best describing the misfortune of being cut down in the prime of one's life and genius....
At the funeral, all Paul's friends felt he had gotten totally Steve jobbed...
by Sheila in car October 22, 2011