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term oft used to establish an opportunity lost
Ever hopeful he would get back together with his girlfriend,Paul finally realized "that ship has sailed" when he heard she married another.
by sheila in the car June 20, 2009
drinking any form of alcohol at home prior to hitting the bar scene in order to:

a.)avoid unnecessary partying costs
b.)arrive with a "foreign package"
He had the foresight to frontload before heading out for the night.
by sheila in the car January 28, 2008
Having a parent or parents who would rather you and your friends drink under their roof than outside the home where they can't supervise you or join in....
By the time he arrived at college Paul already had two years of being homeboozed.
by sheila in the car March 31, 2009
getting something,anything for nothing....
Knowing the bartender as well as he did meant Paul was on full scholarship for his drinks for the night
by sheila in the car May 10, 2009
meaning "Coming Out Both Ends"
non medical term for the symptoms which arise from engaging in the excesses of mexican fare and tequila...
Just after stumbling out of "Tacos R Us" Paul came down with a mucho case of "cobe disease"
by sheila in the car April 26, 2009
A lintlike substance found in one's bellybutton
I have been plagued with froom ever since the third grade.
by sheila in the car November 02, 2007
Alcohol, of any kind,consumed in private and in advance of appearing at the party destination
Even before he fell off the balcony it was clear to all he had arrived at the party with a "foreign package"
by sheila in the car August 13, 2008

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