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A liberal who plays at being a Christian to appease their conscience.

The term 'liberal Christian' is an oxymoron because it is not possible to hold the beliefs of liberalism and be in harmony with Biblical teachings at the same time. This would make the phrase 'liberal christian' is akin to the phrase 'evil, good person'.

A 'liberal christian' typically denies the blood sacrifice of Christ for attonement of our sins, does not attend church regurlarly, and does not pray. A 'liberal Christian' is infact, 'Christian' in name only.

Further, a liberal Christian does not recognize Christ as the sole avenue for salvation as taught in the Bible. A 'liberal christian' therefore does not have salvation, which, according to biblical teachings, is attained through the name of Christ exclusively.
Person1: I know this person who says their a Christian but gets drunk, parties, and supports murdering innocent babies. I thought the Bible teaches that getting drunk is wrong, Christians should seperate from the world (evil), and that murdering babies is wrong, what gives?

Person2: Don't be fooled, thats what one would refer to as a 'liberal christian', please do not confuse people like that with true Christians who follow the Bibles teachings. They are not Christians in any sense of the word.

by Shawn Kuhn September 05, 2006

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