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Big Ol' grandma panties; also called period panties.
The same girl stuck wearing those dead jellyfish also wears bloomers with floral designs on them.
by Shawn B. April 14, 2003
Simply put, these are weight-loss methods that will work for anyone. They are simple, inexpensive, and don't require medicines or bulky, complicated machinery.

1. EAT IN MODERATION- This means don't go out and eat 6 Big Macs, 2 family sized pizzas, 4 extra-large bags of fries when a small bag of fries with a normal-szed burger will do.

2. EXERCISE MORE OFTEN- If you're a kid, participate in your PE class (No, sitting on the bleachers and discussing whether Ja-Rule is gay or not doesn't count!) frequently. If you're an adult, jog around the block or join an exercise class.

3. TRY A GREATER VARIETY OF FOODS- Don't just eat junk food and chips; try someting spicy or savory once in a while. Try to integrate more of the food groups into your daily diet as well.

4. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- When you feel full, stop eating. It's as simple as that. Just save what you can for next time.

5. DON'T BELIEVE THE (LOW-FAT) HYPE!- Low- fat doesn't neccesarily mean 'low-fat'; it caould be loaded with dyes and added sweeteners.

6. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THOSE FAD DIETS- The only thing that will slim down is your wallet.
none needed
by Shawn B. December 10, 2003
A better name for modern American society; basically, a culture in which conformity to any and all trends, no matter how stupid/hurtful/stereotypical they are, is valued over intelligence and individuality.
All Black/African-Americans are expected to be top-notch basketball players, drug dealers, hos, pimps, morons...it goes on ad infinitum.
by Shawn B. December 04, 2003
To like expensive things you can't possibly afford.
R- Oh, those Jimmy Choos are gorgeous! I must have them, I must!
S- Uh, I'm not sure about this...come over here and check out this tag...
R- Holy Hoorj! I can't afford this!
S- *sigh* You've got a champagne taste on a beer-bottle budget, RatchetBoo...
by Shawn B. October 24, 2003
A person with huge lips that jut out from their mouth, resembling those of a fish.
Mr. X has fishlips; every time he kisses his wife, he washes her face:p
by Shawn B. July 14, 2003
Being able to spell like a normal, educated person. Some people aren't capable of this; this is why words like yuo, OMG, teh, dood, and much of the haxor language exists.
On UrbanDictionary.com, proper spelling has gone the way of the dinosaur.
by Shawn B. May 11, 2003
A Pokemon who has an advantage over Fire, Ground,and Rock-type Pokemon while being weak against Grass and Electric-type Pokemon.
by Shawn B. October 23, 2003
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