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a stupid person ( see dingus)
The guy next door to my cousin is a total nimrod.
by Shawn B. March 30, 2003
See idiotspeak.
Yet another bastardization of the English Language.....
by Shawn B. December 10, 2003
Being able to spell like a normal, educated person. Some people aren't capable of this; this is why words like yuo, OMG, teh, dood, and much of the haxor language exists.
On UrbanDictionary.com, proper spelling has gone the way of the dinosaur.
by Shawn B. May 11, 2003
A better name for modern American society; basically, a culture in which conformity to any and all trends, no matter how stupid/hurtful/stereotypical they are, is valued over intelligence and individuality.
All Black/African-Americans are expected to be top-notch basketball players, drug dealers, hos, pimps, morons...it goes on ad infinitum.
by Shawn B. December 04, 2003
The cute, cuddly wittle pilot of the Sandrock from Gundam Wing. Looks like a Backstreet Boy, but not gay like them. He goes insane on one episode, but he still manages to put up a good fight.
Quatre is so cuddly, but J.M.'s got him beat!
by Shawn B. May 10, 2003
How someone censors out swear words on the Internet when speaking to younger or sensitive audiences or when your parents/younger siblings or cousins are right by the computer.
-OMG, Heero is teh gay! You actually like him?

- !@#$%^&*()_+=-{}|":>?<,./;'\~` yeah1 He's got it going on!
by Shawn B. April 26, 2003
A Pokemon who has an advantage over Fire, Ground,and Rock-type Pokemon while being weak against Grass and Electric-type Pokemon.
by Shawn B. October 23, 2003

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